Hi there. I’m an Associate Professor  in the Philosophy Department at the University of Kentucky.

I specialize in metaphysics and ontology. I think about what there is, parts and wholes, composition, constitution, and modality. I am especially fond of exploring Lump Theory, the view that we (and other ordinary objects) are trans-world sums of spatial, temporal, and modal parts. I do not (yet) go so far as to claim that this view is true, but I certainly think it is worth our time trying to figure out why not.

I also work at the intersection of metaphysics, mind, and language – in particular, mental fictionalism, the view that we are (or should be) fictionalists about mental content.

You can read more about my research here.

Around campus, I flip around a lot, and use the circus arts to magic-trick people into loving philosophy. I’m also the faculty advisor for the University of Kentucky’s newly created Circus Club. If you’re interested or curious about circus – even if you have no experience – check us out! All are welcome.

Off-duty, I hang out with my partner and our two little boys, digging for worms and treasure.

CONTACT: I can be reached at meg dot wallace at uky dot edu.

[photo: Brandon Look]