One of my teaching interests includes a novel project of combing physical movement, performance, and the circus arts with philosophical study – a project started in 2017 with the creation of PHI 193: Circus and Philosophy.

Starting in 2019, I helped initiate and fund structural upgrades to a large gym space on campus that now includes 6 aerial dropline points ready for use with various aerial apparatuses – silks, trapeze, lyra, rope, etc. – as well as ground and other circus equipment. This ‘Circus Lab’ is specifically intended to be the campus hub for interdisciplinary circus-centered education and research.

Below are the classes I typically teach (or have taught). If you are interested in a syllabus, please just email and ask (meg dot wallace at uky dot edu) – I love to think about and share reading lists and course design.

  • PHI 100: Introduction to Philosophy – Knowledge and Reality
  • PHI 120: The Art of Thinking – An Introduction to Logic
  • PHI 193: Circus and Philosophy (more info)
  • PHI 315: Philosophy and Science Fiction (Honors and Non-Honors)
  • PHI 320: Symbolic Logic I
  • PHI 520: Symbolic Logic II
  • PHI 350: Problems of Knowledge and Reality (M&E I)
  • PHI 550: Problems of Knowledge and Reality (M&E II)
  • PHI 515: The Analytic Turn
  • Graduate Seminar: Fictionalism
  • Graduate Seminar: Space, Time, and Possible Worlds
  • Graduate Seminar: Paradoxes
  • Graduate Seminar: Unity