One of my teaching interests includes a novel project of combing physical movement, performance, and the circus arts with philosophical study – a project started in 2017 with the creation of PHI 193: Circus and Philosophy.

Recently, a large gym space for this class has been funded for upgrades to accommodate multiple aerial apparatuses and circus equipment, allowing students greater room for movement and artistic exploration. This ‘Circus Lab’ is specifically intended to be the campus hub for interdisciplinary circus-centered education and research.

Here are the classes I typically teach (or have taught)

  • PHI 100: Introduction to Philosophy – Knowledge and Reality
  • PHI 120: The Art of Thinking – An Introduction to Logic
  • PHI 193: Circus and Philosophy (more info)
  • PHI 315: Philosophy and Science Fiction (Honors and Non-Honors)
  • PHI 320: Symbolic Logic I
  • PHI 520: Symbolic Logic II
  • PHI 350: Problems of Knowledge and Reality (M&E I)
  • PHI 550: Problems of Knowledge and Reality (M&E II)
  • PHI 515: The Analytic Turn
  • Graduate Seminar: Fictionalism
  • Graduate Seminar: Space, Time, and Possible Worlds
  • Graduate Seminar: Paradoxes
  • Graduate Seminar: Unity